Inside AW: How RealD use our King’s Cross home to stay on the doorstep of the cinema industry.

We chat to Bobbie Andrews, marketing director at RealD, to learn more about 3D cinema, lunches at Hemel Hempstead petrol stations and why we should all be excited for Avatar 2.

Here at AW, we have a diverse and fascinating range of members,who supply their expertise to various different industries right out of our King’s Cross based serviced office. We wanted to dig in and share a bit more about their projects and work that our members get up to at Argyle House,during an unprecedented time for all businesses. We love to hear how our community is helping businesses to deliver their goals.

Up first, we sat down for a coffee with Bobbie Andrews,marketing director at RealD, to find out how AW brings him closer to the world of cinema and to discuss the exciting changes taking place in a cinema industry in flux.

Bobbie Andrews - Marketing Director at RealD

Tell us a bit about the company


Those classic black 3D glasses you get at the cinema – so that’s all us. Ever since 2006, RealD has held the patent for 3D cinema displays. First came Chicken Little,then of course, Avatar, and ever since then, 3D cinematography has boomed, leading to increased demand from both studios and cinema chains. That’s where we come in. We provide the RealD system that allows for that immersive 3D experience. Part of our EMEA team work here,out of Argyle House, alongside our head office in LA and global teams working from China, Russia and Japan.

So, what led you to Argyle House?

We provide for 30,000 cinema screens globally, making a well-connected, central London office crucial to our work. Our work often involves meeting up with large clients such as cinema providers and studios,most of which are also located in central London. At Argyle House, we are able to book out meeting rooms for these clients, hosting them at what is bound to be a convenient location for them, being on the doorstep of King’s Cross station.The way our team work is therefore, sporadic, with us popping in and out the office on a frequent basis. Having our clients just a quick tube ride away is particularly convenient. 

What was your setup before joining the AW community?

So, we’ve been here at Argyle House since January. Before working here, our team was based out of our European head office in Hemel Hempstead. Whilst being a great home for the important administrative departments at RealD, this space wasn’t best catered for our needs as a sales and marketing team, due to its distance outside of London.

How were the delights of Hemel Hempstead? Do you prefer working in King’s Cross?

The Hemel Hempstead office was a big, European HQ. What comes with such a big office is an older style and manner of office-based work,in which people socialise less and tend to remain behind their desks. Here at AW, there’s a regular flow of people to chat to, grab a coffee with and take a break with in the communal areas. However, our space at AW still feels like our own. We regularly meet clients working out of other co-working spaces in London who feel that it is too busy, resembling a café rather than an office. AW is small enough that it feels productive and personal, without becoming crowded and overran.

Over in Hemel Hempstead, it’s safe to say that we were limited at lunchtimes. The only place to grab something to eat was a nearby petrol station garage, which was far from ideal! Here in King’s Cross, there are plenty of restaurants, cafés and bars. Personally, I’m particularly excited for the markets to begin to reopen.

Bobbie Andrews at his desk within AW Offices co-working space

What’s next for RealD?

The cinema industry is truly in a state of flux at the moment. The most obvious transition has been the closure of cinemas during lockdown. Thankfully, numbers of cinema-goers are beginning to pick up again as sit becomes safer to do so.

We’ve spoken lots about the film industry. What are you looking forward to watching in cinemas?

I’m particularly looking forward to Avatar 2. Although it’s been a while since the last one, when it does eventually hit screens, it’s sure to revolutionise the standards and push the boundaries of what visual technology can achieve, just as its predecessor did.

Cheers Bobbie. Now,back to the grind.

Bobbie’s team at Argyle House, King’s Cross, is just one of the many businesses and freelancers that form part of the AW community. Despite our members working across various industries, we all learn off one another,creating a stimulating and motivating working environment for everyone.