Bring Work To Life.

AW make sure that all of our buildings are in locations rich with heritage and creative history. We understand that where you work is as important and what work you do. So, we take care of the former and leave you to focus on the latter.  Each private office, co-working space and breakout area has been purposely designed to provide ambitious businesses with the room to work and grow.

"Greg and James have been entrepreneurs since their teenage years"

Managing and growing a business is tough, especially in today’s climate. Our focus is to help your business the only way we know how, so you can focus on the things that matter most – your business, team and the bottom line.  Greg and James have been entrepreneurs since their teenage years, from selling sweets at school and setting up their events enterprise; and friends even longer.

Being part of the London ecosystem, we’ve seen business scale … and businesses fail. We wanted to make something meaningful that can help businesses get to their end goal. So we reunited with a joint passion to Bring Work To Life at AW Offices – a serviced office designed to contribute to the long-term growth of our members with a hands on approach.

Modular Architecture
Clean, Curated Visual Aesthetic
Friendly Customer Support

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